Welcome to Mockingbird Hill Pad. I’ve and I’m Claudia been blogging for 7 years. I’m theater teacher and a actor focusing on talk style, wording, Shakespeare. I’ve been fortunate enough to show at two of the greatest actor coaching colleges in the united states. I currently freelance like a Style/Talk/Language/Wording Mentor for that theatre. I’ve worked Off-Broadway and On, with personal customers and at local theaters through the nation. My spouse is definitely a singer-songwriter along with an actor. We reside in the nation Search, with this puppy. We said farewell in August of 2012, Riley, to the additional precious puppy. Their picture may stay on my sidebar in its host to recognition.

I’m not really a market writer, or can I actually be. The numbers I’d like, but it’s the reality although that’ll not get. I’ve interests and a lot of pursuits easily needed to stay glued to only one that I’d be bored out-of my brain. I do want to reveal everything along with you: garden, creatures, animal-rights, gathering, classic something, studying, on-the-street activities, cultural causes in my opinion in, images, adorning, crocheting, quilting, embroidering, DIY and repurposing – along side an unexpected request for civility, kindness, and empathy. And everything discussed via a fantastic enthusiasm of mine. This web site, a peek into our existence at Mockingbird Hill Pad, provides the chance to complete that to me.

I really like publications and reading, particularly the 3D type. I’m a powerful advocate of libraries. Book reviews are also written by me. You’ll find the newest types under Book Reviews within the Navigation Bar.